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Real men treat women with respect

'REAL men treat women with respect':
Student disgusted by Ohio rape case makes video showing what should REALLY happen when a girl drinks too much.

A female film student disgusted by coverage of the Steubenville sex attack trial has directed an anti-rape video with the message: 'Real men treat women with respect'.

University of Oregon sophomore Samantha Stendal says she wanted 'something positive out there' after the high-profile case of two footballers convicted of raping a drunk 16-year-old girl.

She claimed elements of the media had been too sympathetic to the defendants and was outraged that some people had even blamed the victim.

Determined to redress the balance, she asked two friends to act in a short clip called 'a needed response' and the video has already been watched 1,919,298 times.

The film shows a man who stumbles across a woman sleeping on a sofa.

He looks into the camera and says: 'Hey bros, check who passed out on the couch. Guess what I'm gonna do to her.'

He then puts a pillow under her head, covers her with a blanket and places a mug of water next to her for when she wakes up.

He then crouches down in front of the camera and delivers the film's core message: 'Real men treat women with respect'.    

Samantha told the New York Daily News: 'We all need to treat one another like decent human beings.

'My video was a direct response to the Steubenville rape case. It is horrifying to me that some people can say that people deserve rape when they are passed out.

'But even though my video is of a guy and girl, I want it to relate to anyone. No matter what your gender, you should treat one another with respect.'

Samantha made the film days after Ohio football stars Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, were found guilty on March 17 of raping a teenager in a case that shocked America.

They were accused of attacking her during a series of end-of-summer parties in August last year.


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