domingo, julio 19, 2009

PROGRAMA CONSTELACION : mirando al futuro

Orion 15 (Human Lunar Return) is the name of a lunar sortie mission NASA expects to conduct in June, 2019. The mission, which will use an Orion spacecraft and Altair lunar lander being developed by the Constellation program.

It will be NASA's first human spaceflight mission to attempt a lunar landing since Apollo 17 in 1972. Assuming no other nation lands a human spaceflight mission on the moon until 2019, it will be the seventh human lunar landing in history and also mark the first time since 1972 that any humans will walk on the moon.
Orion 15 will be the first of a series of seven day missions carrying a crew of four to the Moon to begin setting up a lunar outpost. A landing site has not yet been chosen, but it is likely to be at either the lunar north or south pole

Junio 2019
Orión 15
Duracion : 21dias
Tripulacion: 4

Misión de regreso del hombre a la Luna. Primer alunizaje del programa Constelación. Séptimo alunizaje humano. Primer alunizaje desde 1972.


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