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Lucho está enamorado de la música peruana, de esa que es realmente nuestra, de esa que nació en los montes de los Andes, en los campos de la sierra, en el seno de ese Perú vivo que tantas veces olvidamos. La conoció a los 11 años y desde ese momento se convirtió en su compañera fiel. Decidió reivindicarla, luchar por ella, dedicarle su vida.
La materialización de su sueño se inició en el 2005, cuando ganó una beca de la UNESCO para organizar un proyecto musical en Montreal, Canadá. Con el proyecto en la cabeza, el músico viajó sin siquiera haber contactado a los músicos con los que formaría su grupo. Tenía solo unos meses para hacerlo. Su meta era clara, él iba a reunir un grupo de músicos procedentes de distintas partes del mundo que tocaran música peruana. Lucho empezó a tocar puertas. Su primer disco, “Kuntur”, el mismo que ahora relanza, fue su carta de presentación. Así, reunió a un turco, un vietnamita, un chino, un venezolano y un colombiano y formó “Sonidos Vivos”, grupo que ha recorrido el mundo llevando nuestra música lejos, muy lejos, a lugares en los que probablemente jamás soñó resonar. Ahora prepara UN documental que grafica la edificación de una idea, la materialización de UN sueño, la internacionalización de un pueblo.

Lucho Quequezana was born in Lima, Peru. He is a self-taught musician. His history began when his Andean parents moved with him, at the age of 11, to Huancayo, a Peruvian city with one of the highest poverty levels, but the richest in regards of Peruvian native music. When they arrived they found a reality that they had not lived in the capital of Lima, a city destroyed by terrorism, but one that allowed him live thanks to his roots and identity. Huancayo?s customs and Andean culture became part of his life. At home, in school, and in the streets, he listened to the zampo?as and quenas, instruments that he eventually he learned to play and which would transform his aspirations in life he had longed for so much.

A few years later, the family moved back to the capital, leaving behind the lifestyle that had become a necessity for him: the constant Andean contact. Therefore, after arriving to Lima, he founded the group Kuntur Wasi (house of the condor in Quechua languange). With the group, he experimented and explored Andean rhythms and melodies, while at the same time beginning a new stage: composing. He began composing music at the age of 15, especially with the charango, quena, and zampo?a. Through the years, he discovered his special abilities with instruments such as the Andean percussion, Latin percussion, drums, guitar, and the piano. This versatility with instruments encouraged him to explore more types of music such as jazz, Latin jazz, rock, new age, and trova, the latter deeply influencing him professionally for the coming years.

For Lucho, living in the capital with access to all types of music has allowed him to investigate during these years, the potential sounds of the Andean instruments, mixed with other sounds from all over the world, always highlighting the Peruvian rhythms and instruments. This fusion and command of instruments started to become internationally recognized while receiving invitations to participate as an instrumentalist in diverse music festivals in France, Spain, and Japan.

At the same time, Lucho Quequezana started college to study his second passion, filmmaking, where he eventually won a national award for a short-cut film that he directed at the end of his college years. His background in film-making combined with his musical development helped him become a music composer for documentaries, social campaigns, short films, and movies, developing his new talent, the symphonic orchestra with world sounds.

The trajectory of Lucho Quequezana is recognized in our community, as being a dedicated composer, compiler, preserver, and demonstrator of the Traditional Andean music of Peru, with seriousness and a strong identification with this generation. His art runs parallel to the trend of uniting different cultures by exploring the fusion of worldly rhythms while highlighting the virtuosity of the instruments of the Inca culture. In this artist, we can find the contribution of Peruvian music to the world.
Kuntur is his first music production that demonstrates original songs, and ethnic fusion.
Currently, Lucho Quequezana is a musician, composer, college professor, post-production general manager in studio Cabina Libre, movie critic, and investigator of the diverse contemporary expressions that preserve and spread Andean roots.

Lucho Quequezana - Sonidos Vivos - World Tour 2010

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