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Bluavio is a professional live band that aims to play and refresh in a modern key funky & soul music from 70's to today.
The band:
Francesca De Mutiis - Lead Vocals
Giuseppe Chironi - Guitars, Keyboards, Programming, Back Vocals
Daniele Amatori - Bass, Back Vocals
Salvatore Ledda - Percussion
Danilo Porcheddu - Drums

The Bluavio project started in 2002, by guitarist-composer Giuseppe Chironi.

All the songs are written, arranged, recorded by Giuseppe Chironi at the Mousiké Studio, Sardinia and mixed by Danilo Porcheddu and also Giuseppe Chironi.

Many other local musicians are involved in the project, such as Danilo Porcheddu, Daniele Amatori (from London), Salvatore Ledda, Mauro Usai, Pierluigi Manca and Fabio Coronas. A longterm singer Naomi Thompson join the band in 2008 and currently recording all the tracks in english version with new vocal lines and background arrangements. The sound of the band is inspired directly by the vibe and sound of the London jazzfunk scene in the 90s.


Runaway from Giuseppe Chironi on Vimeo.

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