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Liz Marcela Rojas Valdez

Liz Marcela Rojas Valdez


La Historia de Liz :

Director: Eduardo Guillot
Producer: Eduardo Guillot

Genre: Documentary
Produced In: 2004
Country: United States

Synopsis: The two final decades of the twentieth century were times of armed conflict in Peru that left to a mark of horror and dishonor for the Peruvian state and the society. The civil populace, overall the farmers, were themselves imprisoned between the brutal offensive of the terrorist organizations - the Shining Path and Movimiento Revolutionary Tupac Amaru - and the reaction of the forces of the state, nearly as ferocious and indiscriminate. The numbers in the closing report, processed by the Commission of the Truth and Reconciliation, give account of this great national tragedy: 69,280 victims, between those dead, tortured and missing. “The History of Liz and Aguila” represents an affirmation of the love and the hope on hatred and the injustice; a triumph of the life over death.

Liz Marcela Rojas Váldez
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